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Product Photography / In The Buff make up collection

Few words by “me” as a photographer. I loved every minute of this session! The collection arrived as a parcel and I couldn’t wait to open it. When I did eventually open it, there it was…….fresh, new, clean, just oh so yummy and ready to be photographed. So I did just that! It’s a big fat “Yes please” for more make up brands to come my way into the studio. Thank you In The Buff for the opportunity, I’m really looking forward to working with you / for you very soon.

Introduction by IN THE BUFF make up collection:

Where We Come From

Founded by Becky Laroc in 2009, ‘In The Buff Makeup’ is an innovative company specialising in 100% natural makeup, made from 100% minerals. Unlike many other brands, our makeup is light, airy and doesn’t clog your pores, which can lead to painful spots and even scarring. Beauty shouldn’t have to come at a cost to your health, that’s why ‘In The Buff Makeup’ is exactly as nature intended it to be – kind to your skin. Create the same stunning looks, with added peace of mind.

What We Do

We believe in enhancing your beauty, rather than covering it up. ‘In The Buff Makeup’ gives you amazing coverage, without the nasty side effects that other brands regularly cause. All of our cosmetics are free from preservatives, artificial colours, talc, oil, fragrances and other skin irritants, minimizing the chances of rashes, sores, pimples and blocked pores. Not only is ‘In The Buff Makeup’ kind to your skin, it also works perfectly with eyelash extensions, something most other makeup brands fail at miserably.

Beauty. You really can have it all.


Now GO GO GO and get yours from the website above and don’t forget about the presents for Christmas……”Ha, You know what you getting sis?” mwah



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