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Amsterdam / Netherlands

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I went with my two young kids, boys 12 and 8 years old so I had to make sure, I’m well prepared for this trip. Kids can get bored easily with sightseeing so to have a firm plan is quite helpful.
The agenda of the trip was to spend time discovering new, having fun, spending time together but also visit Anne Franks House, eat waffles and of course walk around the canals.
I would advise anyone who wants to take their kids to visit Anne Frank’s House to book the tickets well in advance on line. I didn’t have the chance to book it on line as this was our last minute and very spontaneous trip, all the on-line tickets were sold out. But I should imagine  it would be fabulous to just walk in to the museum with pre-paid tickets, rather then wait 2 hours in the queue!!! And trust me it is 2 hours queue. Whatever time of the day you decide to visit the museum, there always is a massive 200-350m queue. Well worth it though!
pre-book tickets here http://www.annefrank.org/en/Anne-Frank/

Great little cheese shop to visit on the way to Anne Frank’s house www.amscheese.com

Fabulous Dutch dishes at the restaurant called The Pantry. Very friendly staff, traditional decor and the food was fantastic. My kids had to order an extra dish of Poffertjes (Mini pancakes served with butter and powdered sugar). Totally yummy!  http://www.thepantry.nl/thepantrywelcome.htm

That’s my top kids friendly recommendations, I hope it helps. Have fun in Amsterdam  😉

Afternoon garden walk

Beautiful time of the year. The days are brighter, the sun is out, the warm spring air, the birds are loud, the cats are frisky…….hahaha ( BTW it’s funny but also true ). I don’t know why did I just now think of cats but to be honest my mind is never too far from thinking about cats, so that’s why :-)
I had a lovely late afternoon walk through the garden and took some photos. I hope you like them x

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