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Karbenatky / traditional Czech style Burgers

500g mlety bucek,
2 mensi cibule
3 strouzky cesneku
hrstka strouhanky
1 vejce
drceny kmin / primerene ( asi 3 male lzicky )
spetka soli

Mlete maso smichame s nadrobno nasekanou cibuli. Do smesi pridame vajicko, cesnek, osolime a okorenime kminem, pak pridam hrstku strouhanky. Poradne vsechno promichame. Toto je super therapeuticka prace a usetri Vam penize za cvokare :-)

Az jsme uklidneni a testo mame krasne prognachnane tak se uklidnime jeste trochu vice pri sulani karbenatek. Ja osobne nikdy nesulam karbenatky v klidu, vetsinou si pustim k cele priprave karbenatek nejaky pohodovy film. Vcera jsem napriklad sulala u Jak vytrhnout velrybe stolicku. Moc hezke posulanicko :-)

Krasne vytvorene karbenatky pak obalim ve strouhance.

V rozehrate horkovzdusne troube 20-30min, nikdy ne dele at nejsou vysusene.
Zkotrolovat jestli jsou ovsem dobre propecene, nerada bych kousla do jeste beziciho cunika.

Dobrou chut!


500g minced pork belly
2 small onions
3 cloves of garlic
handful of breadcrumbs
1 egg
ground caraway seed / 3 tea spoons
2 tea spoons of salt

In a large mixing bowl mix the minced meat ( pork belly for best results but minced pork would also do ), finely chopped onion, egg, salt, caraway seed, pressed garlic, handful of breadcrumbs. Mix all very well and then create little burgers. Burgers then cover in breadcrumbs.
In the fan oven for about 20-30min, not longer otherwise the burgers would be too dry.
But ensure the meat is cooked thoroughly!


Product photography on www.notonthehighstreet.com

Product photography by Cristina Keech on WWW.NOTONTHEHIGHSTREET.COM

Find links bellow to view the styles. Powerful combination of studio photography for the product itself and lifestyle, natural light for the model sessions to give the product some visual depth.

Please contact Cristina if you are also interested in upgrading your visual identity at cristinakeech@yahoo.co.uk






Here are some samples of a different products photographed either at the studio and some photographed just with a natural light. The style of photography for your product really depends on how would you like to present it.
Photo No.1 was done for a jewellery company which likes to present their handmade product in natural light, No.2 is a photo for a  small home-based knitwear business company and they also prefered a natural light, No.3 was a studio based photo shoot for the company with an on-line shop for socks, tights and gifts for small people, No.4 was a combination of studio and natural light photography for a  kids entertaining toy company, so we had most of the product photos done at the studio and for the model photo shoot we arranged lifestyle / natural light photo sessions. No.5 yet another knitwear business and natural light photography.

Another mission accomplished. Have a look at the INSTAGRAM gallery I have created for TOUCAN BOX. Beautiful, playful, colourful, bright, sharp and eye catchy images of toucan box product and also of the children playing & having fun. Well done to all the fabulous and happy models.
Huge Thank you to Toucan Box for the opportunity too.
I loved every minute of it.






Garden summer play

Just a fabulous summer fun session with two gorgeous girls.

As I’m a mother of two boys, I really loved having all girls photo session.

Seriously nice time having a picnic in the garden, picking up strawberries, watering plants, chasing cats……pulling cats to places, little dance around and of course lots and lots of dressing up.

Anything from fancy summer hats to ladybird dresses, bare feet to smart shoes, hairbands and lets not forget the dirty hands from picking up the strawberries, dirty feet from watering the plants and running in that dirt, the fancy dresses grass stained from rolling around by doing gymnastics. Oh boy, did I or did I not love that session. Having fun with two adorable little girls was a dream. More please! I LOVED IT! <3

More gorgeous photos in the little gallery here http://cristinakeechphotography.pass.us/3dFsd110605/i-grHTf108932409

Toucan Box

On Friday I had one of my favourite model in for a personal photo shoot. But as she is also a star model for a Toucan Box company ( I have photographed earlier this year ), I thought to myself, why not combine it and have the little star modeling few bits and pieces for Toucan Box after the personal session. Toucan Box has supplied couple of very exciting boxes for us to play around with.

Have you got a creative kid at home? I would strongly recommend TOUCAN BOX to anyone with small children, age between 3 years – 8 years. It’s really amazing fun. Visit their website ( all photos taken by Cristina Keech Photography ) for more information about how it works www.toucanbox.com

Toucan Box could also be purchased from http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/toucanbox/product/four-craft-toucan-box-arts-pack  I’m very proud that my photography is working so well for such a fantastic companies like Toucan Box and Not on The High Street!

Also big thank you to www.baberoo.co.uk for the fabulous Babiators sunglasses, very well needed photo prop in this sunny weather. More photos of Babiators for www.baberoo.co.uk and www.diddywear.com ( photographs also taken by Cristina Keech Photography ) coming up later on this this week.

Enjoy the fun in the sun!

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