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Surrey boys

The deffinition of lifestyle photography and how it’s done.

Lifestyle photography is the capturing of real life moments – genuine expressions, most often candid without the subject knowing the photo was being taken. No posing or fake smiles, taken candidly in most cases and often the subject is caught up in their own world, unaware you and the camera are even there. It’s the recording of precious details that pass us by everyday, and are often those little things that we look back on in later years and think, “Oh my goodness, I remember when …” It’s an interaction, an expression or emotion, the way we live, laugh and love. In future years these photos will be something to look back at and treasure, to remind us of the real moments and to tell our story to future generations.

Bellow is an essence of a lifestyle photoshoot of two little boys and their ordinary day. The ordinary will be the moments we will want to remember when the children are little bigger, the favourite sippy cup, book, the wooden toy we bought at the Xmas market, Oh and that sofa we used to have in the tv room, and many, many more. The little ordinary things will be able to pull us back into the Good Times we are living at this particular moment and sometimes we are not realising how precious the moments are.

Food Photography Guide

Hello all, as I mentioned before, Cristina Keech Photography is getting into a partnership with another photographer and we will be offering FOOD RELATED PHOTOGRAPHY to restaurants, bars, coffee shops, cafeterias and more.
Professional food photography is one of the key ingredients to a successful restaurant.  Whether you need photos for your menu, cookbook, advertisements or website, we can create appetizing images for all your marketing needs. We’re also available to photograph you, your staff and your restaurant. We are offering prompt service at competitive rates.
We are offering

  • studio photography / on location or at our studio
  • lifestyle photography / natural light photography on location
  • combination of studio and natural light photography for maximum effect
  • selection of price packages / basic edit, pro edit with a meticulous photoshop actions or you could just get SOOC ( straight out of camera shots )
  • on-line galleries for you to share on your website or with your clients
  • on-line brochures and menus for you to link to your website
  • design for hard copy leaflets, promo material, advertisement
  • and more!

Just ask and we will try our best to help, wheter it’s a new business start up, updating your current business visual identity or just a new seasonal menu and visual food guide for your website.


diddi dance pre-school dance classes

It was a pleasure to photograph happy little dancers at diddi dance class. Absolutely amazing and fun packed class for pre school children led by talented young lady called Danielle. She sure knows how to make the kids entertained and happy.

More images in the gallery here: http://cristinakeechphotography.pass.us/pre-schoolclass/

Oxshott Heath / Autumn 2014

Our wonderful walks through the local woods with our friends with dogs. It makes us so happy to be able to give our Annie a happy life. She has got her own social life, her own friends and daily missions. Most common daily mission is making us happy, making us feel loved, put a smile on our faces and lets not forget about the amazing positive energy she brings to our home and to our lives.However, we do need to put a lot of thought into planning our days and weeks around not only, work, our children, social outings but also around Annie. But other than that she is a wonderful friend and a very loyal soul. We love her and can’t even remember what our life was like before we got her. Autumn walk photos bellow, Enjoy!


Wedding menu tasting / Claridge’s London

please enjoy the slideshow. Can you spot an image called “like father like son”? Go on, have a go   😉


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