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Studio session

Great fun studio session with four absolutely adorable kids. I won’t reveal all the fabulous photos just yet as I’m still working on editing but here is a sneak peek of one of them. The children all brought some props with them but actually what happened, they have all without realising used their smallest baby sister as a main prop. They all wanted to have a photo taken with her and they all held her and handled her differently in their own cute way. She ended up being the cutes photo prop. More photos coming soon.
Look at those eyes!!! It has to be said, their mum did such a great job with choosing the colours for the studio photoshoot. Truly colourful, happy, bright colours. I love when people bring colour with them, life has got so much more to offer, then blue jeans and white T’shirts. This family really showed their true colour by bringing the colour with them. Girls were in matching skirts and pink accessories, boys were in trendy bright tops and one of them in a bright PINK Ralph Lauren top. Wow, the studio was busting with colours, smiles, beautiful dark eyes and most of all bursting with sibling love. Oh, my heart melts just looking at the photos  <3
And finaly here is an update and few more photos 05/03/2014. This was, yet again, absolute joy job. Just as was the job before this one and the one before that and so on. I guess – I love my job  <3

Surrey walks at spring time

Nothing can beat a beautiful spring country walk with a rather lovable dog friend. Gorgeous weather and cheerful passing by people is just a bonus. All this combined together resolves into a very energising morning. ( April walk 27/04/2015 )

Studio Photography / siblings, cousins and family photography

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