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Little gymnasts / models

And here is just a few photos from my weekend session with these two little gymnasts. I have been taking photographs of the older sweetie since she was 2 years old and her little sister since she was 10 days new. With customers who bring their children every year for a photo session with me, it feels like they are part of my family “my business family”. I know they will always come back, we will have fun session because we know each other and we know how to work around each other to have fun and produce nice memorable photographs. I hope one day I will be the chosen one to take the kid’s wedding photos and then photos of their children ( grandchildren) and so on, if I live till I’m 100!:-)

Simply, I can not feel any different about this sort of customer than as a very close friend / family. Thank you JB for coming back to me with both of your lovely girls.

And finally,….ENJOY the gallery!

Before the school starts annual photoshoot

The boys have been annually photographed before the school starts in Septemeber, ever since they started school. Bellow is a gallery from September 2015. The younger one is almost 10 years old and his teen big brother almost 14 years old.

RIP, Dear Margaret.

It was very upsetting coming back home from our travels across Europe to a sad news.

RIP Margaret, my dear neighbour and friend.

Before we went on our travels, I went to see “Margaret next door” ( as we called her ) to say Good Bye. Little I knew it was going to be the last Good Bye hug and a kiss on the cheek.

While ago I’ve recieved a phone call from a Surrey magazine representative, saying that they’ve seen an article on the internet featuring a story about Margaret’s and mine relationship. They were interested in finding out more about our friendship and asked me if I would be able to talk to Margaret, just to see if they can come and do a short interview with us? So I went next door and asked Margaret and her husband, how would they feel about it. Knowing Margaret I knew instantly she would be delighted. We have arranged for an interview and also for a photoshoot to supply few photos for the article. Bellow is a slideshow of the images.
I believe Margaret really enjoyed her lunch interview and the photoshoot. One of the photos has also unexpectedly made it to be a cover photo of that issue for the Surrey magazine. https://new.surreycc.gov.uk/news-and-events/surrey-matters/magazine http://www.cristinakeechphoto.com/vegetable-soup/

I will always remember Margaret as a happy person, person who liked to have a laugh, very positive, none judgmental, warm hearted and fun. I will cherish all her stories she has told me about her life. I will miss her positive outlook on life, her always cheerful welcome, she was a great listener but also an exceptional talker and I loved her for it.
If you only know the stories she has told me,……I’m still laughing! Bless her.

P.S. excuse my english, I have never studied english and it’s not my mother language. Thank you!

Food Photography

Professional food photography is one of the key ingredients to a successful restaurant.  Whether you need photos for your menu, cookbook, advertisements or website, we can create appetizing images for all your marketing needs.  We’re also available to photograph you, your staff and your restaurant.

Prior to the photo session we’ll meet for a complimentary consultation.  We’ll carve out a plan and discuss the purpose of the photo shoot.  You are welcome to provide us with sample photos as a reference, but keep in mind that our goal is to create something new and unique.  We want to turn photos of your food into a culinary masterpiece!  We will also advise you on how to prepare for the shoot, how to select the proper ingredients and how to cook the food for photographing.
Your photo session can take place at your restaurant or in our studio. We will style your dish by giving careful consideration to color, texture, and density so that the food will pop in the image.  We’ll shoot from a variety of angles and use appropriate lighting to capture the mood your want your photos to convey.  After the shoot we’ll edit the images in Photoshop to make sure your food looks its best.  You’ll receive the hi-res digital files along with an image usage license.
Please have a look at the food gallery slideshow bellow.

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