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Annie / our new puppy

Just a few lines about Annie the new puppy, one very happy husband, two very excited boys, three not so excited cats and one very worried mum. More pictures coming soon. As it is a complete novelty to us all, the house seems to be buzzing with an extra energy but also new cleaning tasks, new routines, new settlings and lots of new photographs taken but somehow there is no spare time to post the photos.

Getting the garden room ready for Annie. I will also post photos BEFORE/AFTER the transformation was unreal. I was trying to prepare for the new puppy so we didn’t get distracted when she arrives and so we could pay more attention to comforting her and settling her in. The boy’s old cot bed came down from the loft and Toby kindly put it up. I paid a visit to the pet shop for all the essential puppy stuff, brushed and cleaned and organised the garden room. On the first photo, Miss Ella is warming up Annie’s new bed.

This is the first morning, the photo was taken at about 6am when I had to come and see Annie because she was howling so loud and the crashing noise coming from her room was very disturbing. Annie obviously didn’t quite like the way the room was organised and reorganised things to her liking, weed on the carpet, got rid of the plant on the window, chewed through one wellie boot. As soon as I cleaned the room and organised it back to my liking she got the message but decided she will protest by killing her toy monkey. Completely butchered the toy! I was pleased to see my love pillow still alive and full of feathers. Saying Good Bye to the breeders and our new friends who kindly brought Annie to us all the way from Czech Republic, and it has to be said that it wasn’t the easiest journey for any of them. And of course hello to her new dad and mum. We love her dearly! She has brought so much energy, laughter, love and spirit to the house and we are all very excited what is the future with Annie going to bring.

Proud Toby making his first trip to the local pub to show off his new mate.

[…] Amorova krásná dcerka Annie (Anne z Podbuchlovských hor) je v nové rodině, její panička je profesionální fotografka a tak bude z malé hovawartí slečny pravděpodobně také hovawart modelka. Podívejte se na příspěvek v blogu. […]

[…]  její panička je profesionální fotografka a tak bude z malé hovawartí slečny pravděpodobně také hovawart modelka. Podívejte se na  příspěvek v blogu – nové fotky.                                   A její začátky na novém se dá  podívat zde. […]

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