Hello and welcome to my Blog ;-) I truly hope you will like what you see. Don't be shy, go ahead and snoop around my blog. Click away and discover my little world of photography. Lots of traditional photos, some studio, some life photography and altogether it is a good mixture of what I love doing. Most of all I love taking detail shots ... there is just something about them that captures the memories in such a special way, making me remember details I may not have focused on when looking at the traditional portraits. I love taking photos, I love going through the images after the session, I love selecting the best images and putting those into the special folder, I love editing those special images and making those look even more precious to you. It's my hobby, my work, my passion and I hope it always shows how much care, love, thought, meticulous editing and time I put into it. Enjoy my blog / my precious photo life xxx